Wednesday, March 16, 2011


There is a seriously senseless epidemic going on in my neck of the woods. In less then a month we have lost 5 teenagers to careless driving. In this particular accident there was a brother and sister involved, and you guessed it, those are the only children to that couple. I have NO words... none. No parent should have to bury their child. It's not the order of the world for the children to precede the parents in death. 

All I can think of are missed birthdays, missed opportunities, missed memories... It is all so unnecessary. Hopefully kids will wake up and realize that they need to be more respectful on the road, that they are NOT invincible and that tragedy can strike them and those they love. Why are the kids always taken before their time, yet the pedophiles, rapists, murders and the like live to be a ripe old age?  I just do not understand. It's just plain and utter nonsense.  I do not have children, but I have nieces and nephews that are about the ages of those "children" that were taken before their time. Although I do not currently know what it would be to feel the sting of the evil fate these parents have had handed to them, I can only imagine what it would be to lose one of my nieces/nephews. How do you recover as a family? As a couple? As a mother/father? As a person?

My heart goes out to those families who have lost their children. It's so enormously unfair.

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