Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Fair

This week our county fair was in town. I haven't been to the fair in years, and of course this year I was there 4 times. 2 times with friends and 2 times visiting Firefighter while he had to volunteer. As I have gotten older I have grown out of my desire to ride the rides. I have developed some sort of vestibular thing (gosh I sound elderly) and to be honest, I am afraid of those rides that are thrown up in a week. 

Going to the fair reminds me of my youth. My parents used to own a local steak and hoagie shop that backed up to the fair grounds. Every year I would sit behind the shop and watch the rides go up. I slowly grew out of that phase and got to the point where, now, as an adult I completely forgot that the fair was coming and was shocked to see the rides and food booths up and ready to go. It certainly hasn't lost its charms, the local 4-H competitions, the DELICIOUS and greasy foods, and the elephant ears.. YUM-O!!!! But as an adult, without kids, it's not the same as it once was. Now we walk around, enjoy the shows (the Monkey show was hilarious), eat the food, and complain about the young and obnoxious teenagers taking over, when not all that long ago, we were the young and obnoxious teenagers. My my how the tables have turned. Here a few shots I feel capture the essence of the fair. 

I am sure once I have children and I can see it through their eyes I will be able to really and truly enjoy it again.

Happy weekend!

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