Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So right now I am at a cross roads with work. I am very conflicted. My boss offered me more money to become a paralegal....something i have determined that i have no desire whatsoever in becoming.... and the new "lady" is being of more assistance to her in that department then i am. and since i haven't expressed an interest she isn't really giving me paralegal type things to do... and i get it. i am experiencing the weirdest thing... deep down i do not care that i am not learning more about being a paralegal, but then on the surface i do care. if that makes sense. i just don't know what i want to be doing right now.... i know that i am not happy at my job. i do not like working for attorneys. they are babies and they are lazy. oh and they are slobs. argh.... and i hate dealing with clients and making phone calls... woe is me right? i have all these thoughts and then i count my blessings that i have a job. in a perfect world i would be my own boss... but i don't know what i would be my own boss of... i am not good at any one thing that could be marketed or anything. my photography, if you want to call it that, is hit or miss... i can write poems, but they come and go... so i don't stick to any one thing... blech... i am just not my normal peppy self. 


  1. So if you stop working today, you would not know what to do? That is the challenge. And what would you like to do if you could? Close your eyes. Can you picture you doing a certain job?

  2. you are a wonderful writer! perhaps publish some articles? submit some things to magazines? news papers?

    bryan quit a job he HATED to work at a job he loves for considerably less money and to pursue something on the side that he truly has a passion for. it obviously took a long time to realize what he needed to do and it a took a lot of guts!

    it sounds like you are in thinking mode :)
    do what you love!

  3. i would love to be a Paralegal! The grass is always greener right? I haven't really looked into it but there is school involved. sigh. It's a good opportunity and unless you are going to go and work elsewhere it might be good to seize the chance to make more money.