Saturday, February 5, 2011


So I totally thought that there was a month after December and before February?? 
Where did January go?!?!
I have never been so busy in my life. It felt like I never came up for air. Work was so crazy last month. In a two week time frame I racked up 12 hours of OT helping prepare for a monster of a case, which is over now. 

Tidbits - 
- Firefighter has completed volunteer training! YAY!!! 
- I am sort of getting a promotion. Boss has hired someone to relieve me of the admin duties so that I can do more legal work. This will mean a raise. Ca Ching!
- Ummm..... we filed our taxes.
- My accident lawsuit finally settled! CA CHING! This will result in paying of a major credit card.... can you say DEBT FREE!!!!!
- I started a 365 picture a day project. It's fun so far! It has really made me more aware of the world around me. 
- Our TV broke! :(
- We (firefighter and I) have started a breakfast club. Every Sunday we gather a group of friends together and pick a different restaurant each time and go out for breakfast. It's nice. It allows us to catch up with them since our lives are all going in different directions. 

So that is all for now! I am still alive and kicking!!! 

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  1. i've enjoyed your picture a day! and you're right, time sure is flying by! have you tried word of mouth in the berlington coat factory shopping center? DELICIOUS and huge portions. we love it there but its pretty cramped to bring 3 kids.