Monday, January 24, 2011

New thyroid medicine

Much to my chagrin my new endocrinologist has taken me off of my natural thyroid hormone replacement pills. Natural thyroid, or Armour, is made of naturally desiccated pig thyroid hormones. The main problem is that I can never seem to get balanced. My levels are always all over the place. The damage that causes is problematic and very risky to my health, but I felt pretty good on it when I was balanced. Some of the issues I was dealing with were heart palpitation, insomnia and a seriously increased appetite. So we changed back over to synthetic form of thyroid replacement. We are trying the newest drug on the market for hypothyroidism, Tirosint. Additionally I am also on Cytomel. So far there hasn't been a change that I have noticed, at least nothing significant. Tonight however, as I sit here, my feet feel like they are swollen and my calves feel tight. I am extremely paranoid about the possibility of gaining weight on this medicine. I have lost damn near 50 lbs and I don't want any of that coming back. I have no clothes! Thankfully we are only trying this for a month and if I am not happy I can go back to the Armour. In all honesty I like the idea of my hormone levels being balanced. That is the only plus... I know there are worse things out there... I KNOW THAT, however, this condition is such an inconvenient one and so almost impossible to regulate. OY! Hope to keep track of my conditions if any and any other side effects I feel during the next month. Fingers crossed that I have NO side effects! PEACE OUT! 

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