Monday, December 20, 2010

Weight lifted

So this journey that Firefighter has been on going to school and all that jazz has been a long and trying one. He has had ups and downs and a few set backs here and there, but he has persevered. He has not given up or accepted less. He had a mindset and he did it. I truly admire him for that and look up to him. And right now he is currently in his ideal situation... he is a firemedic volunteering for the county he wanted to get into. How could things be more right? 

Having said all that, I am so excited to say that he has taken his final test. Last Thursday he passed his State of Florida Paramedic certification test. And to make it sweeter, it was his third and LAST possible attempt to take and pass the test. Had he not, he would have had to retake paramedic school ALL over again. Not a scenario that would have pleased us, but we would have dealt with it. I personally think he had an angel sitting on his shoulder that day! (Thanks daddy!)

So what happens now? Well we have to wait and see. Hopefully the county he works with will have a hiring opportunity available soon and he will be able to apply. From our understanding they are going to start hiring from within the volunteer pool versus looking to outsiders first. And ya know, that is only fair. 

It hasn't really sunk in yet for him that he is done with his testing. He tells me that he keeps having this feeling that he has to study and then when he thinks more he realizes, wait, no I don't. Unfortunately I didn't get to see him on Thursday to enjoy the moment with him. He had to get to training after the test and didn't get home until after 10pm. We went out Friday night to celebrate my birthday and his passing the test. Good times were had!!! 

I can't wait for the opportunities that are going to present themselves now. And all I can say is that I am thankful this enormous weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

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  1. congrats! now he can just enjoy the holidays. hopefully the new year will bring that full time position he's looking for.