Monday, December 20, 2010


I want to start traditions. 

I love traditions. I strongly believe traditions are a part of what keeps families alive and together. We have lots of traditions in my family that I love and look forward to following once I have a family of my own. 

For Easter, mom makes easter bread, SO GOOD! She also makes spaghetti pie, ricotta pie, and we have salami and hard boiled eggs. I know it sounds strange but it's SOOOO GOOD!!!

We have cookouts for Memorial day, Fourth of July and Labor day. My brother, teacher, has a party every 4th of July. 

My favorite traditions happen in the fall/winter. Thanksgiving and Christmas have the best traditions. Mom makes Italian wedding soup ONLY on Christmas day. OMG... it's soooo good. We have lots and lots of cookies. Mom also makes these things called pizzelles. They are like snowflake cookies. So delicious! 

I am anxious to start traditions of our own, firefighter and I. Lately we have been going to breakfast on Sundays, that's more of a ritual not a tradition. It would be good if we could agree to do something and follow through though. We say we are going to do things and do not always do them. We have this thing about follow through that we aren't great with. Firefighter bought a bike and it's been weeks since he's been on it. He bought a weight bench and that is in the attic. Of course we are on VERY limited space at the moment, but I digress. 

I try to start traditions, but it's hard to stick with them at times, because firefighter seems resistant at times. Please do not think badly of him. His family life wasn't the greatest so I think he just stopped paying attention to those kinds of things. 

What traditions have you started on your own? What are your favorite family traditions?

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  1. so many traditions seem to revolve around cooking food...which is so not my thing. i guess right now i got mom for that. hubs and i haven't really started too many of our own. traditions seem to center around holidays and holidays are about family and that's really it. at least for now.