Monday, December 13, 2010

happy birthday to me

So I am sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane to come home from Springfield, Missouri. Our plane was, notice i said was, set to take off 3:30pm and we are still here. It's 8:45, Missouri time. The plane leaving from St. Pete JUST left and they are anticipated to arrive  here at about 10:45. Which has us leaving here at about 11:30-ish, therefore arriving home about 2am. Oh and it's my birthday.... I turned 31 today. It hasn't felt like my birthday all day. i actually forgot about it. i forgot about it's arrival... i just put it out of my mind. so the plane had a communication device malfunction that needed to be repaired, so that is the reason for the delay. 

So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! And my sister... we are born on the same date, and 13 years apart. 

UPDATE: after posting this, i was sung happy birthday to by the people waiting with me at the gate at the suggestion of a lady we met this evening. an unforgettable evening. 

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