Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello, my name is Alicia and I am a book-a-holic! 

It's true. I have this serious addiction to books. I have a shelf at home that has about 20 or so books on it that I NEED to read. I always tell myself that I am NOT going to buy another one until I read what I have. And then..... I go to a book store..... and well, I buy a book, or 2 if they are discounted. I also seem to get suckered into buying magazines whilst at book stores as well. Of late I have become a creature of perusing the clearance racks. They often have good books that are between $3-$5. Have to admit that Books a Million has the best clearance section ... EVER.

Observation...all the major bookstores have names that start with B. Did you ever notice that?? Barnes and Noble, Borders and Books a Million.  Fascinating right? Ha ha!!! I know... I have such wonderfully fascinating insights.

I need to make it one of my resolutions to read more and watch TV less. I have gotten better. Part of me would really like to do away with the TV in my room. I know it disrupts the REM sleep cycle. 

Happy reading! Got any good recommendations?

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  1. And back in the day there was B.Dalton! Interesting B observation on the book stores. We don't have a books a million. I go to the library. i don't read nearly as much as i used to but i still really enjoy it.