Thursday, December 30, 2010


I have so much to say and then nothing to say at the same time. This has been a defining year in my little world. Good things and bad things have happened.

Despite the good things that happened, I am not at all sad to see this year end.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello, my name is Alicia and I am a book-a-holic! 

It's true. I have this serious addiction to books. I have a shelf at home that has about 20 or so books on it that I NEED to read. I always tell myself that I am NOT going to buy another one until I read what I have. And then..... I go to a book store..... and well, I buy a book, or 2 if they are discounted. I also seem to get suckered into buying magazines whilst at book stores as well. Of late I have become a creature of perusing the clearance racks. They often have good books that are between $3-$5. Have to admit that Books a Million has the best clearance section ... EVER.

Observation...all the major bookstores have names that start with B. Did you ever notice that?? Barnes and Noble, Borders and Books a Million.  Fascinating right? Ha ha!!! I know... I have such wonderfully fascinating insights.

I need to make it one of my resolutions to read more and watch TV less. I have gotten better. Part of me would really like to do away with the TV in my room. I know it disrupts the REM sleep cycle. 

Happy reading! Got any good recommendations?

Monday, December 20, 2010


I want to start traditions. 

I love traditions. I strongly believe traditions are a part of what keeps families alive and together. We have lots of traditions in my family that I love and look forward to following once I have a family of my own. 

For Easter, mom makes easter bread, SO GOOD! She also makes spaghetti pie, ricotta pie, and we have salami and hard boiled eggs. I know it sounds strange but it's SOOOO GOOD!!!

We have cookouts for Memorial day, Fourth of July and Labor day. My brother, teacher, has a party every 4th of July. 

My favorite traditions happen in the fall/winter. Thanksgiving and Christmas have the best traditions. Mom makes Italian wedding soup ONLY on Christmas day. OMG... it's soooo good. We have lots and lots of cookies. Mom also makes these things called pizzelles. They are like snowflake cookies. So delicious! 

I am anxious to start traditions of our own, firefighter and I. Lately we have been going to breakfast on Sundays, that's more of a ritual not a tradition. It would be good if we could agree to do something and follow through though. We say we are going to do things and do not always do them. We have this thing about follow through that we aren't great with. Firefighter bought a bike and it's been weeks since he's been on it. He bought a weight bench and that is in the attic. Of course we are on VERY limited space at the moment, but I digress. 

I try to start traditions, but it's hard to stick with them at times, because firefighter seems resistant at times. Please do not think badly of him. His family life wasn't the greatest so I think he just stopped paying attention to those kinds of things. 

What traditions have you started on your own? What are your favorite family traditions?

a few pics from missouri

Weight lifted

So this journey that Firefighter has been on going to school and all that jazz has been a long and trying one. He has had ups and downs and a few set backs here and there, but he has persevered. He has not given up or accepted less. He had a mindset and he did it. I truly admire him for that and look up to him. And right now he is currently in his ideal situation... he is a firemedic volunteering for the county he wanted to get into. How could things be more right? 

Having said all that, I am so excited to say that he has taken his final test. Last Thursday he passed his State of Florida Paramedic certification test. And to make it sweeter, it was his third and LAST possible attempt to take and pass the test. Had he not, he would have had to retake paramedic school ALL over again. Not a scenario that would have pleased us, but we would have dealt with it. I personally think he had an angel sitting on his shoulder that day! (Thanks daddy!)

So what happens now? Well we have to wait and see. Hopefully the county he works with will have a hiring opportunity available soon and he will be able to apply. From our understanding they are going to start hiring from within the volunteer pool versus looking to outsiders first. And ya know, that is only fair. 

It hasn't really sunk in yet for him that he is done with his testing. He tells me that he keeps having this feeling that he has to study and then when he thinks more he realizes, wait, no I don't. Unfortunately I didn't get to see him on Thursday to enjoy the moment with him. He had to get to training after the test and didn't get home until after 10pm. We went out Friday night to celebrate my birthday and his passing the test. Good times were had!!! 

I can't wait for the opportunities that are going to present themselves now. And all I can say is that I am thankful this enormous weight has been lifted from our shoulders.


You know what is so incredibly infuriating? Having a thought for a post and then not having anywhere to write it down and then .................. POOF it's gone. This happens to me all too often.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sad day

I don't know what has happened between Sunday and today, but the flood gates have opened. I seem to be able to drop a tear in a mere snap of the fingers. 

Monday was my birthday.... my first birthday without my father here. It hurts. My heart aches and I can feel it breaking when I think about it. I know he would have called me and wished me a happy birthday and I really would like to hear his voice about now. Conversely, Firefighter did NOT call me on my birthday. This has caused me much heartache and I am not sure as to why exactly. He put a "happy birthday' on my fb page, but nothing more. No elaboration. He didn't come with me to Missouri, so therefore he was NOT stuck in the airport with me on Monday. It's bothering me that I am bothered that he didn't call... in the same breath, I feel that after the length of time we have been together a phone call is deserved. He did however text me about my present. He got me a birthday/christmas present. I am generally against these as a rule of thumb. So my mind starts wandering and I being to think of all the things it could be... a new watch, a camera bag, etc. Let's just say that it wasn't anything that I would have wanted. Nothing that I even hinted at. He got me a new generation 8gb Ipod touch. Now, I do not want to sound ungrateful as I know this was a pricey gift, however, I don't want to keep it. He and I were talking on the phone today and he asked me what was wrong with the old Ipod touch (which was found on a cruise ship courtesy of FF's brother, FSU student). Even he wasn't sure what was wrong with the Ipod touch I had currently, which makes me wonder why he bought it in the first place. I think a lot of my detachment for this gift is that it isn't what I was really, really hoping it would be.... an engagement ring. I talked to my bro - Pittsburgh - and he advised to speak up and have it returned. I am on the fence. I am going to have to talk with firefighter and come to a decision. Part of me knows he was excited about giving me this gift, but I think it's because it's something he wants me to have. And this moment right here is an example of something I don't like about myself. I feel greedy and selfish and like I am ungrateful, or that is how I am going to be perceived for saying that I do not want to keep the GIFT he gave me. I don't know... 

And so to sum up this wonderfully emotional day, my mother, sister and I are having dinner at Olive Garden in honor of me and my sister's birthday.  Something that I am currently looking forward to and dreading at the same time. 


Monday, December 13, 2010

random quotes

there are only two ways to live your life
one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as everything is a miracle
 - albert einstein

love doesn't make the world go round. love is what makes the ride worthwhile. 
- franklin p. jones

what lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.
-ralph waldo emerson

happy birthday to me

So I am sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane to come home from Springfield, Missouri. Our plane was, notice i said was, set to take off 3:30pm and we are still here. It's 8:45, Missouri time. The plane leaving from St. Pete JUST left and they are anticipated to arrive  here at about 10:45. Which has us leaving here at about 11:30-ish, therefore arriving home about 2am. Oh and it's my birthday.... I turned 31 today. It hasn't felt like my birthday all day. i actually forgot about it. i forgot about it's arrival... i just put it out of my mind. so the plane had a communication device malfunction that needed to be repaired, so that is the reason for the delay. 

So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! And my sister... we are born on the same date, and 13 years apart. 

UPDATE: after posting this, i was sung happy birthday to by the people waiting with me at the gate at the suggestion of a lady we met this evening. an unforgettable evening.