Monday, November 15, 2010


Last week was my vacation! YAY!!! It was so wonderful! The first weekend of the vacation we went to Walt Disney World... I know surprise, surprise!! We have passes, what can I say? It's close and not expensive, since we have the passes and don't have to pay for parking. We generally stay at places where there is transportation provided to the parks. Yippy! Parking is $14.00.... shenanigans! But I digress.... Saturday (11/6) we headed out for Orlando. YAY! We got a decent hotel on 

We hung out in the room until our friends arrived a little later in the day. We had hoped to get to the parks, but the hotel we stayed at didn't offer afternoon transportation to the parks. So we hung out and took a naps... Once our friends got here, they showered and then we went to dinner at Universal Studios City Walk. We went to the NBA restaurant. 

We walked around for a little while, got some Starbucks and then went back to the hotel.  Sunday morning we went to Animal Kingdom first thing and then we hit Epcot and then Magic Kingdom to end the evening. The Magic Kingdom was already decorated for Christmas and it was quite pretty. Animal Kingdom was awesome! We went on this safari like ride and we were mere feet away from the animals...I will post those pics separately. it was AWESOME!!!!

We tied up the day with the electrical parade at Magic Kingdom. The castle lit up and it was beautiful.... 

Epcot was having their annual Food and Wine festival and that was the main point of the trip. We mainly did an overview of the festival on Sunday and went back to Epcot on Monday for the full effect. Well worth the wait. The food was delicious!! There were 28 stands from different countries and they each had their own menu of yummy, scrumptious foods... Can't wait to go back next year.

The rest of the week I hung out at home, cleaned and did laundry. I also managed to squeeze in 2 movies, Morning Glory ( two thumbs way up) and Megamind (meh). It was so hard to go back to work today. Can't wait for my next vacation, which is December 10-13. going to Branson, Missouri with my Uncle, Aunt, mom and her best friend. I have had to get like a whole new wardrobe, but I am SOOOOO excited!!!! 

Ok, that is enough for now... there will be more to follow. 

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  1. you look so happy! glad you had a fun vacation. im sure you really needed it!