Friday, October 22, 2010

change of plans

So, Firefighter and I went and looked at a house in North Port last Sunday (I will post pics over the weekend). And I am not going to lie, I liked it and could almost see us living there.

However..... I don't think it's the right time right now.  It's too soon.

I can't even begin to imagine being that far from my family right now. It's just not something I would be 100% invested in. Not to mention when I asked Firefighter if he saw us living there, he was like, meh. Well... I am sure as hell not going to move away if his response to that question is meh and I have anxiety about it.

We do seem to have a reprieve though. The house is a foreclosure and there is a moratorium going on right now for foreclosures. SOOOO.... if this house falls into the moratorium and comes out in say 6 or more months, maybe we will feel differently. Who knows.

And believe me no one has wanted to get out of where we live more then me.... but I have to be realistic here. 

I don't like my job enough to commute therefore I would want to find another job down there and then I fear that I would essentially make myself a hermit there and not visit my family. 

it's too soon after dad passed. 

it's not close to my family at all. 

and neither of us was 100% confident that we could see ourselves living there. 

So those reasons make me think that it's best to stay put for a little while longer and just make the best of this crap situation we are in right now. 

ugh.... i hate being an adult sometimes.

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  1. You made the right choice I think. You have to be 100% sure to make the commitment. Having a mortgage and loving your house is way different then having a mortgage and hating your living situation. You don't want to do that!