Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what is a bandwagon fan?

The Rays have clinched their playoff berth position. YAY!! So exciting!!! Now of course, on Facebook, I have Red Sox and Yankees fans are saying that Rays fans don't have the right to be celebrating because most of us are bandwagon fans and because people aren't going to the games and we are only fans because we have a good record. Well in my opinion anyone who doesn't live in New York or Boston, or wasn't born and raised there can be considered a bandwagon fan. Most of the people on my Facebook that are Yankee or Red Sox fans were born and raised in FLORIDA!! Why would you not support your local MLB team? The answer - it's easier to root for a team that is already established and has a massive fan base, then it is to root for a team that is up and coming. The Tampa Bay Rays franchise has been around for 15 years, they are still growing, and we have a good young team right now. Hopefully we will continue to be successful, what fan doesn't want their team to be successful?!? I just wish that we would be able to keep all of the free agents we have right now (this is another post for another day). It's kind of exciting to watch a team grow and conquer. All we need is to win the World Series and then maybe people will take us seriously. 

In the same breath however, the fans in this area are very fickle. I believe it's because there are a LOT of people who have relocated from the northern states to Florida for retirement. When the Yanks or the Red Sox are in town...LOOK OUT... it's packed at Tropicana Stadium!!! There are more visitor fans in the stands then home fans. And you know, it's sad. It's almost no wonder Evan Longoria and David Price vocalized their frustrations about the lack of attendance at recent games. I for one do not blame them. Why aren't they getting more support??? 

To be honest, I have become more of a Rays fan in the last 3 years, because Firefighter is getting more involved in watching the games and explaining it to me. It has become a great way for us to bond. I was born and raised in Florida, in the pseduo Tampa Bay area. The Rays are my local MLB baseball team, so therefore I support them. Granted, I do not go to a lot of the games...funds are tight, but that doesn't make me less of a fan. I love that we are rooting for the Rays together. He is teaching me about baseball and explaining to me the progression of baseball teams. It's bonded us!!! (awe...*tear*) 

So for those of you who are baseball or football or any sports fans, how do you define a bandwagon fan?

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