Monday, September 27, 2010

weekend in review

I can't believe that it is already Monday...again! And it's almost the end of September...OY! Where does the time go... But I digress... 

Nothing special happened Friday night. Firefighter, Roommate and I made a trip to Sam's. Firefighter went out and I stayed home and just chilled. It was much needed. 

This weekend I had to great opportunity to spend some bonding time with my mom! On Saturday we went to her eye appointment and picked out new glasses and then we went to Target for some supplies. (I managed to leave spending UNDER $50, a rarity for me!)  Then I helped her set up her fantasy football lineup...if she wins, I want full credit, if she loses, I was never there! 

Then I went up to the hospital to visit my dad, yes he is still there.... Hopefully he will be discharged and sent to the rehab facility soon! He is getting antsy. He has been there 3 weeks today. OY! I think this is one of his longest stints in the actual hospital, at least that I can remember. 

After the hospital, Firefighter and I made our way down to North Port to hang with some friends and scope a potential house. When we arrived it was too dark to really see the inside, but we got a good idea on the outside, and it was enough to make us want to walk inside. So I contacted Realtor and she will set it up. However since this house is a foreclosure, there isn't much that has been disclosed, so I do NOT know if it has the dreaded Chinese drywall. I am praying not. Afterward we met up with some friends who live there and watched the UFC fights. Not my thing, but we had a good time nonetheless. 

Sunday Firefighter and I went shopping again for sandals for him. Boy when he is fixated on something and wants it there is no stopping him! Thank goodness he finally found a pair or I think I would have screamed. We stopped by Best Buy to see a friend that was working and then we went home and watched the original "Wall Street" to prepare for the sequel. (Yes we do do that!) I could barely keep my eyes open and found it confusing. Later we went to Engineer's house and had dinner and watched the new HBO series "Boardwalk Empire". Note to HBO exec Steve Buscemi should NEVER EVER do sex scenes... EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ewwww.... And again I feel asleep. Nothing seems to be holding my interest lately. 

So now it's Monday and I am back to the grind... I hope this week goes slow, but fast. Another busy weekend lies ahead. Will it ever stop?!?!? 

Hope you all had a great weekend.

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  1. Steve Buscemi in a sex scene. Scary thought! I guess I am like firefighter when I want something too. I'm on a mission! Right now it's all about boots for me.