Thursday, September 9, 2010

too trusting

I am a trusting soul. it never fails. if i know a person and they introduce me to someone i automatically trust the new person by association. could this be a bad thing for me in the long run? yes! i could be that one person they decide to screw over and that would not be cool at all. I haven't been screwed over as of yet, but with the house thing looming it makes me very aware of this trait that I have and that I need to be aware of it and the possible ramifications. In situations like this its best to be weary and not TOO trusting. Does it come from being too naive and gullible? Perhaps! I just tend to believe the best of people. Which, in long run can only hurt me since there are so many people out there determined to screw you over.


  1. hey, do you have a Realtor yet? i know a nice family who helped us get our house. i trust her :)

  2. Yes ma'am I do have a realtor. She was a client of ours, sadly. Thank you anyway for the offer!!!