Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Too much TV soooo little time

There are too many tv shows out there that i want to watch to keep track of. I would love to be able to actually watch and follow most of the following shows. 

Grey's Anatomy - I actually watch this show on a weekly basis and I am very faithful.

Brother's and Sister's - I was doing good with this show and then lost track.

Mad Men - Firefighter and I just started watching this show. So far so good.

Guiliana and bill - One of the ONLY reality shows that I will watch. I love this couple.  

Army Wives - This is one of the I want to watch shows. 

Friday Night Lights - I have seen the first season, but not the second. I need to catch up.

The Starter Wife - I read this book and I like Debra Messing. 

How I Met Your Mother - I was told that this show is awesome and that I should watch it.
Firefighter and I are going to start watching it soon I help. 

30 Rock - this is another show that has been referred to us. I hope that we get a chance to watch it too. 

Big Love - another recommendation.... how do people have this much time to watch tv????

And then there is the Glee phenomenon that I need to catch up on as well. 

Oh.... so many things to watch!!! So little time... 


  1. bryan and i rent tv shows off netflix. we LOVE lost and are on the last season right now. we've also watched all of the office and pushing daisies(so cute and clever). i'm watching dead like me right now on netflix(i'm not LOVING it but its good). we want to start flight on the concords next. i've never seen any of the ones you posted about but then again we don't have cable and usually wait till they come on watch instantly on netflix. id like to watch glee i think. perhaps we just have different tastes in tv shows?

  2. i did start to watch pushing daisies and i thought it was clever as well. I haven't seen or heard much about dead like me or flight of the concords. sometimes I think about getting rid of cable and just doing netflix. it would force me to watch all the tv shows i want to watch on netflix or renting.