Friday, August 13, 2010


How do you get closure with an ex?

I, unfortunately, still have random thoughts about my ex. And he is not completely banished, for lack of a better word, from my life. He married my best friend's sister! Small world right?!?! Sooo... every so often I hear about him and how they are doing...and I am not gonna lie, there are times when I have wondered if I made the right choice, based on our current life stats. He is married and has a house and they are trying for a baby. I have none of those things. Then I remember who he is as a person and realize I did make the right choice.  He was very selfish, very lazy and didn't seem to have much ambition. My ex, Stoner, is just that ... a stoner. That was a BIG issue for me. I wanted him to give it up and he chose not to so, I chose not to stay. I thought for a while he had given it up for his wife, but just discovered that he did not which has in turn kind of bit him in the arse... they can't get pregnant and their marriage is strained and their house is in foreclosure. I feel really bad for her. Not so much for him. It's been told to me that it's because of him they can't get pregnant. And the foreclosure - he decided not to work for a year, so they are now having financial difficulties. I AM NOT TRYING TO SOUND RIGHTEOUS, however, I truly believe that I dodged a bullet and my instincts were right.

Having said all this though, I still think about him... I guess deep down I want to know that I meant something to him, that it wasn't a complete waste of my time, or my life. I don't want to think about him anymore. I want it to go away. 

How did you get closure from an ex?


  1. hmmm...good question. i'm not sure exactly. i've always just cut it off completely. every once in a while i'll run into an ex, say a friendly hi how are you, but ask nothing about them because i don't really want to know :)

  2. Well, it's never a waste of time if you learned something from from the relationship. You already said so yourself you don't want to be with someone like that so what's to think about? Sounds like his life is going down the tubes so it's great that you aren't going down with him. What good is having a house that's going into foreclosure? One thing that helped me with moving on was meeting my hubby. He is so freakin' awesome that anyone else pales in comparison.