Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What is a best friend?

There is no set definition for what a best friend is, i think. I think it's different for each person. It's whatever the needs are of individual person. 

I have several ladies that I would consider to be my best friends. They are all different and they all fit me and they each hold a different "function"(I don't  mean that to sound so technical, but there isn't another word that came to mind). I know that I could go to ANY of them about anything and they would be there for me at anytime, but I know my friend K loves to shop at Target or Old Navy and likes to eat at Panera, so that is something that we would do together, and we talk every day! She is laid back and we share the fact that we both met our significant others at the movie theater. And she has the cutest little girl too that I love hanging out with. Then there is M, who has a very similar family mentality that I do. She invites me to her family functions and likes to go the movies, that is something that we do together and we talk weekly. M and I met at work a few years ago. She has a little boy that is too cute and I wish that I got to see her more. Then there is E, my "person" I would call her. She and I have a rare connection. We can read each others minds, even over the phone or through text messaging. We love Grey's Anatomy and Friends. We talk most everyday and have a tendency to be very analytical over EVERYTHING... We used to work together too and until she met her hubby and had her baby she would come over every Thursday for dinner and we would watch Grey's together. Then is one friend I have, whom I work with everyday, C. Our  family lives parallel each other in weird ways. We share the same taste in clothes and books and movies for the most part. And our thinking is closely linked as well on some things. She calls me a best friend and yet she never really invites me to go places with her outside of work. I don't understand how I can be her best friend if I am not included in things outside of work... It's weird to me. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that I would be comfortable with C's church friends. We just aren't the same. I do get upset at times when I am not included then in the same breath, I am relieved, because in the few instances I have been out with them, I am not included and I don't know what is going on.

Of course Firefighter is my BESTest friend. I can truly be myself with him and tell him anything. I can make him laugh, which I consider to be a great accomplishment, and he can make me giggle too! We have such a great time together. 

But I digress... 

Firefighter seems to think that girl friendships are the same as boy friendships and I disagree. Girls and boys are built differently... we bond over different things. And for some reason when you get certain girls together and there isn't a commonality between them, then it becomes awkward. That has happened to me recently when I tried to get C and K together. Not so much... However, K and E and I had a great time together. Firefighter is always trying to get me to mix the girls together and that doesn't always work.  

I have never been one of those girls that has throngs of girlfriends. I usually only have a handful of them, because truth be told, women are catty and mean. I get along better with guys, I don't understand why that is. My sister is the same way. But I think that the group of ladies I call my best friends are rare women and I love them all individually and for different reasons. All of them combined would be the perfect best friend. 


  1. i like this post.

    i can have lots of girl friends but im only super close with a handful of them. and then there is my mom who i don't hold a single thing back from like I might from the others...friendship is tricky...

  2. Thank you! I didn't mention my mom, oops! Her and I are very close too! Friendships are very tricky!