Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stone Crabs game

Saturday night Firefighter and I went down to Port Charlotte and watched the Stone Crabs play. They are the Tampa Bay Rays farm league team. They are actually doing pretty well, apparently! I didn't realize, that this is the stadium where the Rays have their spring training games. Next season, I SOOOO want to go and watch the Rays play there. It's a nice stadium. It's not a dome, but rather an open stadium, which in my opinion made it feel more like a baseball game. We sat on a patch of grass on the third base side and watched the game. If only I could have had a hot dog... Oh well!!! 

I had a lot of fun and it was nice to do something with different people. Don't get me wrong I enjoy spending time with our friends, but I like a change of pace and faces. Not to mention that with this particular couple, I am included, I am talked to.  Anyway it was a really nice time and after the game there were fireworks. I so love fireworks. Unfortunately my pics didn't turn out that great.

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