Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baseball heartbreak

Firefighter has recently gotten me more interested in watching baseball. Our local teams is the Tampa Bay Rays. 

I have grown attached to the players and I don't want to see any of them leave. This is such a cruel reality to be faced with. We become fans of players and watch them grow as a player and better our team and reputation and then they up and leave you....for more money...BASTARDS!!!! Why can't it be about playing for a team that you love and because you love the game?!?! I have never been a competitive person, so this is hard for me to grasp. It just isn't fair. 

Some of the key players that will be leaving us this year are:

Carlos Pena

and Carl Crawford

Both are good players, but Crawford is a real asset to the team. It will be a sad day in Tampa Bay when he leaves the team. Crawford is fast and a chance taker... he is known for his propensity to steal bases. Pitchers fear him. So needless to say he was becoming my favorite, not to mention that he is number FAVE number. JERK!!!

Now I know how the people in Cleveland feel....


  1. hahaha i'm glad you understand our loss, i'll tell you what, the caveliers will never be the same again...i've lost my pride

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  3. @Paiselea - I actually just became a follower! I am glad you like my blog! I like yours as well.

    @c'est la vie - it's sad when they have to move on... the rays will definitely not be the same without Crawford.