Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 things I LOVE right now

To compliment the post I did last night about the 10 things that I am sick of, I decided to do a post about 10 things that I LOVE right now. So here we go:

1. I love coffee when I get home from work. 
2. I love having weekly dinner dates with my parents. AWWW bonding time...
3. I love that things have slowed down a little at home. For a while there, we were doing something every weekend, which prompted this post. 
4. I love shopping for clothes now and the options that have opened up for me. (Thank you Medifast!)
5. I love that I get to have Da Ru Ma's at the end of the month for Firefighter and I's anniversary dinner. This is my favorite place to eat and we only go once a year on our anniversary so it remains special. 
6. I love that Firefighter and I have a secret handshake... YES WE ARE DORKS! 
7. I love love love RESCUE ME!!!!! Not just because it's about firefighters, but because it's a great show and it's well written. If you haven't seen it yet, you should consider watching it. 
8. I love the weekends. But then again this is a constant thing and who doesn't like the weekend?!?!? 
9. I love that I have this creative outlet. I just wish that I had more interesting things to say. 
10. I love being 30. I was scared at first, not sure why, but I am very comfortable with myself, for the most part. A large part of this is because of the weight loss. 

So there you have it, something positive and cheery!


  1. i wish i could have dinner with my parents more than once a year! so lucky :)

  2. Yeah, 30 is not as bad as most think it's going to be. In fact, it's pretty darn good.