Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 things I am sick of right now....

1. Celebrities being idolized more then teachers/doctors, etc. - we as a society put too much emphasis on trying to be celebrities and trying to make millions. I get that people want to be famous and rich, but this is not something that we should be teaching our children. They should look up to teachers, doctors, firefighters, police officers, etc. These are the types of people and professions that are more within our grasp.

2. Athletes making butt loads of money - seriously, you get paid thousands of dollars to hit a ball? This to me is horrible. There are people out there that are good, hard working Americans that can barely afford to keep the roof over their heads, and these athletes have money coming out of their arse and they take advantage. Not all of them give back or help out a charity either. Some of them do and that is great, but sadly they are the exception...not the rule. 

3. The law doesn't always help people - I work for a divorce attorney and it saddens me to listen to our clients call in and seek our help and at times there is nothing we can do to help them. Then it just seems to help the other person, that is the "bad" person. IT SUCKS!!!!!

4. Illegal immigrants - need I say more. I could go on and on about this, but basically I hate how they are sucking this country of our money and resources. 


6. My dog having multiple accidents on the carpet. 

7. People who like to sue for stupid stuff - "Hello McDonald's, are you going to serve me hot coffee? Great, I will poor it on myself and get $1 million dollars."

8. Reality tv shows - DISLIKE KATE GOSSELIN.... DISLIKE THE HOUSEWIVES OF ANY COUNTY AND WHAT THE EFF IS UP WITH JERSEY SHORE... These are the worst kind of "celebrities". They didn't have to do anything to become famous. They didn't have to master a craft or perfect a skill... And these fakebrities are being paid more then teachers or firefighters or police officers. How is this fair??? 

9. People who can't laugh at themselves - we take ourselves too seriously. We need to lighten up. 

10. HAVING to work... I would much rather have the option to work rather then be forced to work.... But I am pretty sure that I am not alone on this point! :)

PS - I am NOT a teacher, but I am dating a firefighter! :)

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  1. I hate having to work too. Of course we are not the only ones. I can only dream of making millions and I agree-celebrity worship is HORRIBLE!!