Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I can't believe that it is June already... Seriously, where has the year gone. It's just not fair the rate at which time passes. I feel like it was January JUST yesterday. Not to mention that it is hurricane season too! For the record, I am one of those weird people that LOVES thunderstorms. I love the wind and the sound of the rain... I love hunkering down in my house and just "being" there. Thankfully *knocks on wood* I have never had to endure a full fledged hurricane, otherwise I might feel differently. They are just so fascinating to me. So are tornadoes for that matter. Anyway, I digress.... It saddens me that the year is halfway over. It saddens me that life is happening so quickly. Now that I have lost this weight, there is SO much that I want to do... but I can't. Mainly because I don't have the money. HA! If only I were rich! We played the lottery last night... $200 million or something crazy like that. Wouldn't that be AWESOME!!! Oh well.... *fingers crossed*

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