Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie Review: The Messenger

Tonight we watched this movie, The Messenger, starring Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson. The basic premise behind this movie is the story of the men who are responsible for delivering the news of a loved one's death while fighting the war to their next of kin. Ben Foster's character is on his way out of the army and in his final days he is assigned to the Casualty Notification team. Throughout the movie you see how Foster's character struggles with the new job that he has been given and how he deals with the residual damages he has to cope with from his stint in Iraq. Harrelson, as Foster's teacher, tells him to handle the NOK (next of kin) in a hands off manner. You can tell Foster just wants to envelope these people and help them grieve. There is no solace in this job. Can you imagine being the one that has to tell a soldier's family that he has died or been killed in action? Not an easy task. How do you do this without showing emotion? How do you remain so detached? So cold? Of course it's all an act, a coping mechanism... They crack jokes and behave ridiculously, but to them it's a way to handle what they have seen or what they are dealing with. At one point during the movie A announced that this is a job he could do. And he is right, he is able to separate himself from the situation and handle the job at hand. It's just the way he is wired.

I would not want to have his job. You never know how people are going to react. You never know what they will do. In this movie Foster's character was spit on, Harrelson got punched, and then one woman actually said "This must have been hard for you" and shook their hands. Amazing.... 

Woody Harrelson's character had some great lines. It added some great light moments to this otherwise heavy subject movie.
This is yet another movie that didn't do well at the theaters but got a lot of recognition and accolades. 

Not a OMG movie that you need to see, but it was a good movie that I enjoyed. 

And for some reason, I think Ben Foster is HOT!! 

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