Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Drama Queen Cometh

The Drama Queen to which I am referring is A's sister, C. She will be arriving on Sunday. And with her arrival I am sure a good amount of drama will surely follow.

She moved to Orange City, outside of Orlando, a few years ago and life has been "quiet" ever since. No drama, no yelling, no loud mouth arguments between her and her mother or her and her grandmother or her and A. A doesn't like his sister. He has the obligatory familial love for her, but is that even a real feeling if it's only because she is his sister and not of who she is as a person? 

I hate saying that she is a nuisance because she does have some great qualities. She is generous, she has a big heart, she has good intentions, she is very smart, crafty and family oriented. However, she is domineering, like her mother, has control issues, she is a pot stirrer, a liar, a know it all, and disrespectful. If she feels that she is right about something she never lets it go. In those situations I have learned to be like, "Ok C, you are right". It's not worth my time or energy. She has explained her unpleasant childhood to me and A tells me that I shouldn't believe her or rather to take it all with a grain of salt. I am a very naive, gullible person and tend to believe everything that anybody tells me.  So when she was around and telling me things he would get frustrated with me because I would believe everything and tell him and he would tell me not to listen to her and he actually doesn't like me spending time with her, his own sister.

However, in the same breath I did enjoy her company and did enjoy shopping with her. She would help me with ideas for my house and find deals and we always had fun together. Oh well....  This was a ray of light for me. I have always wanted to be close to a family member of A's. He doesn't exactly have the best family life, as I have mentioned before. I often wonder if I should still have her in the wedding, when we do get married (hee hee). I have a fear that she will try and control it, like I fear her mother would as well, that is for another time. Also it would be out of obligation not necessarily because I want her to be there.

She moved over to Orange City to live with her fiance, who is the sweetest guy. I really do not know how he puts up with her. No one in the family knows how he puts up with her. 

Needless to say I have a knot in my stomach.  Hopefully this will be a stress-less (HA) visit. 


  1. I have a sister like this.. and I had to tell my fiance the same thing: Don't believe a word she says. It's very frustrating to know you're related to someone like that! Poor A!