Sunday, June 27, 2010


I hate clubs. I would never go to one on my own. I need to be invited and there needs to be a good reason. The music is too loud, the people are too drunk and clubs are usually VERY crowded. You can't talk to people, you bump into each other and I don't see the point of getting all dressed up to go and get sweaty. It's a mystery to me. I guess I am getting old. Ha Ha!!!! However, the only time I enjoy dancing and bumping into other drunk people is at a wedding reception. A can really get down too. He has a blast and is a rather creative dancer!

I was invited to a club, Gilligan's, Friday night for my friend's 30th birthday party. It was ok. I didn't drink at all. I was hungry and I am on this diet so I wasn't sure how I would have handled my liquor. So I wasn't exactly a dancing fiend. But I did attempt to dance with her and her other drunken friends. There is something to be said about being the only sober person around drunk people. They are HILARIOUS!

Anyway in true club etiquette a guy came up and started dancing "with" me. It was flattering seeing that he was 22-ish and I am 30. As flattering as it was though, it also made me uncomfortable. I was hesitant to really "embrace" the dancing together thing, I was afraid he would have tried putting his hands on me and THAT would have made me VERY uncomfortable. One of the girls that my friend was with was dancing, or rather grinding with this guy she just met at the club and he had his hands all over her... and that is not for me. MAYBE if I had been a little tipsy I would have not thought about it so much or analyzed it so much, but I still think that I would have been uncomfortable. I mean, not too sound old or anything, but I am in a relationship and for some reason that would have made me feel "dirty". Thank goodness I had a nice young man who seemed to get that I wasn't familiar with clubbing etiquette and he didn't push anything on me. 

It wasn't too bad when I got there, the club was a little empty, which I was grateful for. It wasn't too smoky and there wasn't a whole lot of drunk people crowding the dance floor. 

If all clubs could be like that, then maybe it wouldn't be too bad. 


  1. whenever i walk past clubs late at night now i wonder what on earth i was thinking wanting to line up and stand in the cold to get into a gross sweaty club. eww. i think its a sure sign of growing up when you dont see the point of clubbing anymore :)

  2. Not a big clubber either. I think I am getting old! I too did I ever think this was fun? I don't even want a going out type bachelorette party. I'm over it.

  3. i don't like clubs either. i loved following your train of thought. it made me laugh. i like reading your ramblings. well ramblings doesn't really sound nice. but its like getting a glimpse into your diary or something. anyways. i like it :)

  4. thanks Crystal! I think ramblings is a good description! I tend to write the way I would talk..HA HA!!