Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I started this blog a long time ago and for no particular reason. Now I am on here everyday reading miscellaneous blogs that I follow and itching to write some interesting post that will catch me a lot of followers. But often times I just peruse through the other blogs and think to myself how can I make this more interesting? There are SO many different things that I want to write about. I start blog posts all over the place, in notebooks, in my head, on receipts, etc. I have all of these ideas for blog posts and none of them seem to come to fruition. I often wonder how my blog friends come up with the things that they post about. I feel like there is nothing interesting that I have to say to anyone else but me. I am always surprised when I have comments. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy!! There are posts that I have written in my head for the future, that I hope will make it out of my head and onto the computer.

I also have a blog where I vent about my confusion about all things political. Right now there isn't much on there, but I am always looking for things to add to it. My big thing right now is immigration. The thing is that every time I turn around something else seems to come to light about immigration and then I have to rework the entire thing I want to write about. I have actually started an outline. Hopefully I will get it on there soon, however I don't have any followers on that blog, and it's ok!

I know it may seem like a bit much, but I really do enjoy sharing my ideas and opinions on things. I just wish more people would read it. HA! I enjoy the writing part, the using of words. Hopefully I will get better at this and meet more people and discover more things. One great thing about this is that I seem to have found my voice through this process. And I am so glad about that! It makes me happy! 

So what inspires you to blog? 

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  1. I've been writing in journals since age 10! I am inspired by life and I just love to write. I write and blog for me first and foremost. I love it if people read my blog b/c I enjoy sharing my writing but even if nobody does I'd be doing it anyway so it's OK.