Monday, May 3, 2010

one day weekend

this weekend felt like one loooong day instead of two days. saturday was a pretty normal day. i stayed home and cleaned and A went to his parents' house to help dig a ditch along with his over 60 yrd old father. i swear A's mom thinks her husband is 22 years old or something with all the work that she makes him do around the house, but that is another story. after he got home i got ready to go to the relay for life overnight i was chaperoning for my 16 yrd old niece. i had never participated in the relay for life before so this was a first time experience for me. it was interesting. i'd do it again. it's kind of like camping with a large group of people and amenities like a bathroom! the part of the event that i attended was from 11pm saturday night to 7-ish am sunday morning. when i got home sunday morning i crashed. here would be a good time to mention that my house has no a/c. we live in florida... no a/c = sweat box. the a/c repair man came out on sunday and found a blockage in a coil. he has ordered a part so hopefully we will have a/c by the end of the week. so after he left, i took a nice, cool shower and then stood in front of a fan. we then went to lunch, sprint store, best buy and then returned to our own personal sauna. i decided that there was no way i was going to be cooking in the house like that. it was too hot. so we went to outback for dinner and then to target. sleeping was no picnic either. we have two fans that we had on high in the living room and decided to sleep out there. well, that was not that great. i have decided that tonight i am spending the night at my parent's house, where it will be cold. A has no problem sleeping with the fan and getting enough rest, me, i need it cold. overall in spite of the a/c deficiency i would say that my one day weekend was very nice and i quite enjoyed it. i look forward to repeats but with cold a/c in the house.

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