Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Me: An Update

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had a doctor's appt on Thursday, 5/6/10. It went well. I didn't even mind stepping on the scale. (hee hee) Overall they are pleased with the weight loss and they have approved of the Medifast diet. (I was a little concerned) However, the weight loss caused me to become HYPERthyroid, when I was previously diagnosed as HYPOthyroid. Before I started the diet I was somewhat balanced, which is hard to achieve when you are taking a thyroid hormone daily. So in an attempt to adjust me and get me "balanced" again, the doctor has lowered my Armor dosage. I have noticed 2 huge differences already...I am sleeping! I even fall asleep early!! AND the constant hunger is gone.

I knew something was up with me because I my internal thermostat was off. That is what really triggered me to go to the doctor. When I got there she proceeded to tell me that my TSH was really really scarily low and that I shouldn't be feeling good. Then she rattled off other things that were symptoms of being hyperthyroid...insomnia (I had that), insatiable appetite (I had that), and heart palpitations (I had that).The heart palpitations scared the crap out of me, because I was trying an aerobics class and after 30 minutes of not intense exercise my heart was RACING!!! Scared the crap out of me. Now rereading the link I posted, there were other symptoms that I had as well and never thought about it, like the weight loss...I am on a diet so that was something that was overlooked.

I have been losing the weight at a pretty consistent pace, about 2 lbs a week or so. Some weeks were more, some weeks were less. I like the pace at which I lost the first 30lbs, and I am hoping to lose the remaining 30 at the same speed. I mean I lost 30 lbs in 3 months, that is awesome. Right now for some reason though, probably the thyroid med adjustments, I feel like I am not losing anything at all and that is scaring me. I understand that a lot of the initial weight loss was probably water weight, but dammit I want to lose it quickly...I am not a patient person when it comes to dieting. In my warped little mind it should come off faster then it went on. I also need to start getting back to my gym routine. I have a membership to the Y that I pay for monthly and I am NOT using it to it's full ability. I need to get 45 mins of vigorous activity everyday and I haven't had the motivation, which again, I blame on the thyroid med dosage being off.

Yes I do tend to blame a lot of my issues and lack of motivation on the thyroid meds, and I need to stop that because it isn't always the case. However, what else am I supposed to think when I had all of this motivation and was doing so well, and then it just stops.... that is so weird to me. I do know that I am beginning to get comfortable and some what bored with the diet. I need to order the Medifast cookbook and get some new lean and green ideas. The things I make get boring after a while.

So that is the ME update!!! For the record I am down 35 lbs, although it doesn't feel like it, sadly.


  1. congrats on the 35 lbs! that is so awesome. you can do the next 30!!!!!