Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I started the Medifast diet back in February. To date I have lost 31 pounds. YAY!!! I have a ways to go to reach my goal and I am at a point right now where I am getting bored and feeling stuck. The weight isn't coming off as fast as it was before. Not to mention that all I am really allowed to drink is water, iced tea, and 3 cups of coffee (I only have 2). I am tired of drinking water at times. I do add Crystal Light which does make it better and I can really drink a lot of water once I do that, however, I am at a point that I don't want to drink water anymore. I want a fountain Pepsi darn it! I know in the long run this is going to be so good for me. I feel so incredibly great right now, there are no words. And that is part of the problem, I feel so good, that I am in a funk and keep thinking to myself, "I have already lost 30lbs, can't I stop now?". That is not the right frame of mind to have. I have a friend that is participating in the diet with me as well, which really helps. It's nice to have someone to share stories with and vent to about it and have them understand and empathize.

Now I have a male friend who is challenging me. He claims that he can reach 60 lbs lost before I can. There is $50 on the table. I am halfway there. He started on Sunday. Although I know that men lose weight faster then women, I am hoping that since I am halfway there, that will give me some edge and a chance to actually beat him. So know I have to start drinking A LOT more water and making every effort to get some work out time in. I have a Wii Fit Plus at home, that sadly hasn't been touched in about a month. I haven't been feeling like doing anything. I should have all this energy and sadly right now for some reason I just don't. So I have made a promise to myself, that on the nights I don't go to the gym or walk with my mom and sister, I am going to pull out the Wii Fit and get some exercise in. I need to do at least 45 mins every day! I have a dr. appt with my Endocrinologist on Thursday and that may shed some light on it. Since I have lost weight, it could be possible that I need to adjust my thyroid hormone dosage. I am hopeful that the dosage change will make a difference in the way that I have been feeling lately.

Fingers are crossed.

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  1. Good luck in winning your weight loss bet. What great motivation. I have heard Medifast is great but as with any diet you gotta stick to it and it sounds like you have. We have a Wii Fit that has been sitting in storage that I can't wait to get my hands on and try out just as soon as we move. I am hoping it will get me exercising some. And, I do love walking but I need to do it more.