Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We are planning on taking a cruise later this year. A's parents are treating him since he graduated paramedic school. I am SOOO excited. The picture to the left is the ship we are going to try and go on. We are also trying to corral a group of friends to go as well. Believe me when I say though that I am NOT looking forward to spending a week with A's mom AND his sister. They are too similar and annoy each other, which means that there will be fighting. HO HUM! Hopefully, by the time the cruise comes around, we are thinking October, I will be at my goal weight and happy. That will also mean that I will be able to drink... like a fish. Not that I ever drink like a fish, two drinks usually is enough for me, plus I will weigh less, so it will be easier to get drunk. This will be my third cruise. I am STOKED!!! We are looking to go to the Eastern Caribbean...St. Thomas, St. Marteen.. A doesn't really like getting off of the ship too much.  The last couple cruises we went on, he got offered weed at all the ports he got off at.. HA HA!! Cruises are sooo much fun. If you haven't been on one, I recommend going on one. It's so relaxing not having to drive anywhere yet you get to travel. And the open sea, while daunting at times, can be so relaxing. I can't wait. My muscles are taking a sigh of relief as we speak, and it's not for another 5 months! OY!!


  1. I am a big fan of cruises too. Lots of food, fun and relaxation. How exciting. That will be something nice to look forward to.

  2. It is! I wish I was going tomorrow!!!