Monday, April 26, 2010

Serene Saturday

Saturday turned out to be quite a nice day. I had to clean with my mother in the morning, for this older woman, who had a stroke and is wheelchair bound. She is a sweetheart, but at times I get tired of cleaning for her, when I don’t even find the time to clean my own house. And trust me my house needs some tender love and care. After cleaning, A and I went to our friend Gary’s house. We were there for 9 hours, and it didn’t really feel like 9 hours. His new girlfriend came over and we played corn hole. Not a great time for me, but it was fun. Then we sat around, Gary’s roommate came home, Eric, and then they went to Lowe’s and Publix to get a grill and food for dinner. Gary also got a bug zapper….it provided endless entertainment. There was a lot of beer consumed by the boys, not by me, a) I don’t like beer and b) I can’t have alcohol on my diet. It was a pretty nice and lazy day… Sitting outside on the back porch with the grill, the guys and drinking beer made it just a great night. It was cool outside too to make it better. It was, to me, a nice glimpse of why I can’t wait to have my own house. I can’t wait to have friends/family over and grill outside, sit around drinking beer or water (hee hee) and just being with everyone. It was so serene too. Gary lives on a lake and in a development that isn’t close to the road so it was so peaceful. They left me alone when they went to get the grill, and it was so quiet. I really liked it. I was able to just sit there cuddled up on the couch and watch tv. There was no background noise, no cars driving by or loud neighbors. It was just a great day. I really can’t wait until I am able to have this happen at a house that I can call my own.

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