Tuesday, April 13, 2010

creative juices aren't flowing :(

For a while now, I feel like I have lost all my creativity. I really don’t understand where it went to. I was having such a good run of poems, thoughts, and a desire to take pictures, and now it’s all gone. I want to get out there and take more pictures, and I think about it a lot but never actually do it. I think part of the lack of motivation to take pictures, comes out of my lack of understanding about how to compose a picture, how to get the lighting right and aperture and exposure. I try to understand on my own and for the most part I get it, then I don’t use the camera for a while and I forget it. It’s so frustrating. I could look at my Flickr contacts pictures ALL day. They are so great and clever. I fail to remember that most of them have some sort of photo editing software, I don’t. I get to thinking that their pictures actually turn out that way from the camera, and I always have to remind myself that, that isn’t the case. I don’t mind editing a photo to make it better and bring out the better qualities of the picture, but there are times, when I don’t agree. I am so conflicted. ARGH!!! I miss my free flowing thoughts. I miss the pictures I could take or rather the WANT to take pictures. And what makes it worse is the fact that I wouldn’t mind getting a new camera, Nikon D5000. Below is a picture I took last week, and that is the most exciting one I have taken in a while.

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  1. lack of creativity happens to me a lot! when you see on my flickr that i've barely posted any pictures or they start to look really blah that means i'm in a rut.

    i wish i could give you tips on how to better understand the camera mumbo jumbo language but i barely understand it myself. i just know how to make my camera do what i want it to!

    i thought i said this to you before but i'm not sure so i'll tell you again...flickr has an editing program now called piknic i think. i've tried it a few times and it seems pretty cool.