Thursday, April 29, 2010

Movie Review: The Time Traveler's Wife

I am not sure how to start this post. I watched this movie last night, finally. I have been wanting to for a while now because I read the book first. (I am one of those people) Anyway I have to say that I wasn't as impressed as I was hoping. I love Rachel McAdams, she is fabulous in everything that I have seen her in and she is truly a versatile actress. Eric Bana was great in the movie as well. I have nothing negative to say about the acting, my issue is with the screenplay I guess, and perhaps the directing. I know they only have 2 hours to cover a lot of things, and there were some things that they neglected from the book, that I thought would have been addressed in the movie, either that or it was clear that the book would have been fine without those parts as well. I am not going to lie, there were times when I was reading the book and thinking to myself, why is this going on? and will it ever end?? I hate to admit it, but it's the truth. But I digress, I am reviewing the movie, not the book!

The movie seemed to take off rather quickly. I get that they have a short amount of time to hook us and cover all the things in the book, it just felt a little rushed to me. Sadly, I had almost no trouble getting up at times and walking around while the movie continued to play. The chemistry between McAdams and Bana was at times palpable. There were moments when he was kissing her and I felt it! They were a believable couple, although not as memorable as Allie and Noah from The Notebook (tear jerker!!!!!!!!). I wouldn't consider them a classic couple.

Overall, I really enjoyed the premise of the book turned blockbuster movie. The concept of time travel has always been a winner for people, I think. I believe deep down we all wish we could travel through time or back in time to right wrongs or see what happens. I wouldn't want it to be the Henry has it, where you leave when you don't want to and land someplace naked and not knowing where you are. I would prefer to be able to control where I went, when I went and how long I stayed.

It was a good movie, but I can't decide if it was better then the book... hmm... head scratcher!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Movie Review: Avatar

Let me preface this with saying that I initially had NO interest in seeing this movie. I am not really a Sci-Fi person. Not to mention that the hype around it made it less appealing to me. Having said that I have to say that it was a very good movie. I was also able to follow the story line and not ask too many questions, which I know "A" appreciated.

Summary provided by
When his brother is killed in a robbery, paraplegic Marine Jake Sully decides to take his place in a mission on the distant world of Pandora. There he learns of greedy corporate figurehead Parker Selfridge's intentions of driving off the native humanoid "Na'vi" in order to mine for the precious material scattered throughout their rich woodland. In exchange for the spinal surgery that will fix his legs, Jake gathers intel for the cooperating military unit spearheaded by gung-ho Colonel Quaritch, while simultaneously attempting to infiltrate the Na'vi people with the use of an "avatar" identity. While Jake begins to bond with the native tribe and quickly falls in love with the beautiful alien Neytiri, the restless Colonel moves forward with his ruthless extermination tactics, forcing the soldier to take a stand - and fight back in an epic battle for the fate of Pandora.

Movies like this are hard to judge since we aren't seeing the actors don't "act" too much on screen. However, Sam Worthington did a great job, as did Sigourney Weaver. The characters were very believable and I truly cared about them. "A" really liked the General in the movie. Some of his lines were hilarious, I will say that, however he was a mean S.O.B. And Giovanni Ribisi did a good job portraying good ol' American greed and sense of entitlement. The story line and concept were very good as well, and as I mentioned before not too hard for me to follow.
There were a few things that I saw coming, but I didn't care. I didn't get all wrapped up in the story line per say, I was engulfed with the visual effects. I did become attached to the characters and especially the natives to Pandora, the Na'vi. They are beautiful creatures, both in body and in spirit. I don't care for how Americans were portrayed in the film as being greedy and controlling, but unfortunately that is how we are viewed by a lot of countries.

The ending was sweet, and obvious, but not in a bad way. It was the only way, I feel, for the movie to end. It was the right way to end the movie. There was closure. Too often there are movies that I watch that I feel there is no closure for the characters, and I realize at times that is on purpose...there will be a sequel, but there are other times when you are left with a cliffhanger and no follow up, BIG pet peeve! But I digress.... It was a happy ending, and I love happy endings (*smile).

"A" was INSISTENT on watching this on Blue Ray. He refused to watch it any other way. I can totally see why. The graphics were AWESOME!!!! Blue ray, accompanied with the HD LCD 42" 1080i TV that we have made it a great picture. And hats off to the computer graphics people... the graphics were AWESOME!!!!! I can't get the graphics out of my memory. I was in absolute and complete awe of them. The visual concepts of the movie and the digital landscape were so bewildering and captivating to me. The creativity and imagination that went into this is to be admired.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Serene Saturday

Saturday turned out to be quite a nice day. I had to clean with my mother in the morning, for this older woman, who had a stroke and is wheelchair bound. She is a sweetheart, but at times I get tired of cleaning for her, when I don’t even find the time to clean my own house. And trust me my house needs some tender love and care. After cleaning, A and I went to our friend Gary’s house. We were there for 9 hours, and it didn’t really feel like 9 hours. His new girlfriend came over and we played corn hole. Not a great time for me, but it was fun. Then we sat around, Gary’s roommate came home, Eric, and then they went to Lowe’s and Publix to get a grill and food for dinner. Gary also got a bug zapper….it provided endless entertainment. There was a lot of beer consumed by the boys, not by me, a) I don’t like beer and b) I can’t have alcohol on my diet. It was a pretty nice and lazy day… Sitting outside on the back porch with the grill, the guys and drinking beer made it just a great night. It was cool outside too to make it better. It was, to me, a nice glimpse of why I can’t wait to have my own house. I can’t wait to have friends/family over and grill outside, sit around drinking beer or water (hee hee) and just being with everyone. It was so serene too. Gary lives on a lake and in a development that isn’t close to the road so it was so peaceful. They left me alone when they went to get the grill, and it was so quiet. I really liked it. I was able to just sit there cuddled up on the couch and watch tv. There was no background noise, no cars driving by or loud neighbors. It was just a great day. I really can’t wait until I am able to have this happen at a house that I can call my own.

Friday, April 23, 2010

If I were a .....

If I were a month I'd be March
If I were a day I'd be Thursday
If I were a time I'd be 4pm
If I were a planet I'd be Earth
If I were a sea animal I'd be a dolphin
If I were a direction I'd be North
If I were a piece of furniture I'd be a bed
If I were a liquid I'd be water
If I were a gemstone I'd be tanzanite
If I were a tree I'd be an oak
If I were a tool I'd be a power drill
If I were a flower I'd be a hydrangea
If I were weather I'd be cool and breezy
If I were an instrument I'd be a flute
If I were a color I'd be PURPLE
If I were an emotion I'd be love
If I were a fruit I'd be a blueberry
If I were an element I'd be air
If I were a car I'd be a Convertible Mustang
If I were a food I'd be Italian
If I were a place I'd be St. Thomas, VI
If I were a material I'd be Jersey Cotton
If I were a scent I'd be vanilla
If I were an animal I'd be a horse
If I were a facial expression I'd be a smile
If I were a song I'd be American Pie by Don McLean
If I were shoes I'd be Flip Flops

Thursday, April 22, 2010



I loved the first movie. Can't wait to see the girls again!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

creative juices aren't flowing :(

For a while now, I feel like I have lost all my creativity. I really don’t understand where it went to. I was having such a good run of poems, thoughts, and a desire to take pictures, and now it’s all gone. I want to get out there and take more pictures, and I think about it a lot but never actually do it. I think part of the lack of motivation to take pictures, comes out of my lack of understanding about how to compose a picture, how to get the lighting right and aperture and exposure. I try to understand on my own and for the most part I get it, then I don’t use the camera for a while and I forget it. It’s so frustrating. I could look at my Flickr contacts pictures ALL day. They are so great and clever. I fail to remember that most of them have some sort of photo editing software, I don’t. I get to thinking that their pictures actually turn out that way from the camera, and I always have to remind myself that, that isn’t the case. I don’t mind editing a photo to make it better and bring out the better qualities of the picture, but there are times, when I don’t agree. I am so conflicted. ARGH!!! I miss my free flowing thoughts. I miss the pictures I could take or rather the WANT to take pictures. And what makes it worse is the fact that I wouldn’t mind getting a new camera, Nikon D5000. Below is a picture I took last week, and that is the most exciting one I have taken in a while.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Buster Brownie Boy

This is my doggy... Buster, Bubba Brown, Budder. He is such a sweet boy, most of the time. He barks at everything. While I am home alone, that is a good thing, but can be annoying at other times. Though he can be a sweet boy he can be real aggressive too and sadly, I do not trust him around kids, therefore my friends can't bring their kids over. And that makes me sad! He is getting older now and I think he is getting arthritis. He has given us some health scares. I hope he is around for a lot longer.

He really is starting to hate having his picture taken as noticed in the below picture.

Sometimes he is just too cute to get mad at.

The great thing about dogs is that they love you unconditionally. How people can mistreat them is beyond me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am ready for a family. I am ready to create a home. I am ready to raise children and feel that unconditional love. As much as I am ready for it, I am scared too! It's only natural to be scared though. Most of my friends are here. They are married with children. Not that that is the reason that I want it or say that I am ready. I am ready because I have this innate feeling, this sense that I am strong enough to be a good mother and to have this life learning experience that I am eager to have and that I KNOW I can handle. I know that A and I can handle it! I think he is more scared then I am at times, based on his family and upbringing.

His family is not exactly warm and fuzzy. They are cold, distant, detached. There are no hugs, no words of comfort, no pats on the back or words of praise. I think, and hope, that that isn't the type of family that he wants to have. I want the type of family that I was raised in and around. There is unconditional love, friendship, respect and acceptance. No matter what I have done, there has been unconditional love, there has been words of praise and of pride. The way that his family is, makes me nervous about bringing a child/children into their family. His mother is not ready to be a grandmother...OH WELL!!! She will be a grandmother whether she wants to or not. I see the kind of mother that she is and it makes me cringe at the thought of the type of grandmother she will be. It scares me. My mother on the other hand is eager and waiting and excited about the prospect of being a grandmother again. She can't wait. Her heart is so full of love. And my only hope is that I can be as good of a mother as she is/was to me. I think A wants that too!
I got a little sidetracked... Back to the topic at hand... I just know that I am ready. After I lose all of the weight that I want to, and I am about halfway there, I will be ready. I want to be a healthy mom and in good shape. I want to be physical and active with my children.

I think we will be good parents. I am ready, and excited.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Movie Review: "Up in the Air"

I don't get out to the movie theatre much. Considering that A is a manager at a movie theatre, it's weird, you would think. But he is always there so he never wants to watch movies there after work and I can't blame him. That is where we met as well... awwwww....

So about a week ago we signed up for Netflix. It's awesome. We can stream certain movies/tv shows and still get DVDs in the mail. Our first DVD was "Up in the Air" with George Clooney, Vera Famiglia, Anna Kendrick (TWILIGHT) and Jason Bateman. All in all it was a pretty good movie. The story line was not something that you hear of often and it was creative. I enjoy George Clooney as an actor and thought he did a great job. And I enjoyed his character. I became attached and started to care about what happened to him in the movie. I think that is a sign of a good story line, when you become invested. The movie ended and I was like... I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT DARN IT!!! George Clooney's character is a lonely man, by choice. He travels almost daily for his job and when that is threatened, by Anna Kendrik, he naturally, becomes afraid. He will have to create an actual life for himself and that scared him. He didn't know how to be connected to people and how to be there for them. It's amazing to me that there are people out there that are like that and prefer to live in a disconnected existence. Especially in this day and age when we are almost TOO connected with each other.... Facebook, Twitter... It goes on and on. What happens next is normal, curve balls are thrown and he starts to change his way of thinking, his way of wanting to exist.
Anna Kendrik did a great job as well in the movie. She is quite the little actress. For being so young she played a rigged and uptight girl rather well. She was almost cold. She left me detached and not so in favor of her. Her character portrays how I feel a lot of the young population is becoming today...cold, distant and detached. While Facebook and email are great, there is something special and heartwarming about actual hand written letters or meeting in person.

Overall it's a really good movie. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

** On a side note, perhaps now that we have netflix, I will start posting movie reviews. That would be exciting for me I think. Next up is "Tron", a movie for A that I will not be partaking in watching. After that I believe that I have "Up" scheduled to come. I love Disney movies. Woo hoo... I am excited!**

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mr. Ex...

So, I just saw my ex boyfriend from high school and his wife. He happens to be married to my best friend's sister. I know weird, right?!?! That isn't how the met. Anyway, I went over to my BFF, E's, mom's house to see her and her baby girl. She lives out of town. So I was there visiting as more and more family arrived and, I was trying to leave before they arrived. I knew there was a possibility of them being there, and I was okay with it, but as more time passed the more I realized that I really didn't want to see him. Not sure why, just changed my mind about it. So I am heading out as they are walking in, and I *rudely* (I guess it was rude) walked past the wife and said nothing as I was heading out and said hello/goodbye to the Ex. My BFF then turned my head to her sister and basically forced me to say hello/goodbye to her too. It wasn't too intentional of me to not say anything to her. She walked in looking all smug and like a diva and she hasn't always been nice to E, so I have no real time for her. I so wanted to leave before they got there, or at the very least shortly after they arrived. E apologized and said that apparently her sister gave me a look when I spoke to my Ex and not to her. Seriously?!?! And E was worried that she would hear about it later, so that is why she did what she did. I really do not care what the current Mrs. Ex thinks of me, but I would hate for E to be put in an awkward position. Hopefully E will tell me the aftershock of my rudeness later this evening.

And while we are on the subject of Mr. Ex...I was all worried that it would be a bittersweet thing for me. In the past when I would see him, these old feelings and emotions would surface and I would feel conflicted. Today that didn't happen so much. I mean I was a little bit uneasy and I was thinking a little like, "Does he miss me ever?", "Did I have an influence on his life?" I always got the impression that he could have cared less about me and that it didn't matter to him when I broke up with him for A. That was 11 years ago. And all I really want to know from him is if he really loved me, and if I had an impact on his life in anyway. At times I feel like there was no closure for me, even though I was the one that left. Of course I then wonder what it is about Mrs. Ex that is so great and what was wrong with me. But again I LEFT. There are things they had in common that Mr. Ex and I didn't. It's a good thing too. But he has made some changes for her and I often wonder why he didn't or wouldn't make them for me. He hasn't changed much. He looked handsome. But I don't think there attraction is still there, thank goodness. At first when I would see him, it would be present and I could feel it lingering, but now that is not the case. I need to end this's making me think too much. I am beyond this...I love A, I am happy, even though there are things I wish I could change or help him to understand that these things that may seem weird to him, really make me happy. No one is perfect..... And I love A, flaws and all.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

3 day weekend

I so love three day weekends.

I was off yesterday for a Good Friday. My girlfriend and I went shopping and I got my first COACH purse. I AM SOO excited. Even though you would think that I would love sleeping in and chillin, I have been up at 5:30am in the morning both yesterday and today. I have been doing things around the house though, laundry, sweeping outside and all that jazz, so at least I am being productive. A is house sitting for his parents and apparently I don't sleep well when he isn't here. A apparently had a nice day yesterday as well. He got off of work early and then went out onto a boat with our friend. I was invited, but not able to make it as I already had plans to visit my parents then dinner with my friend, K and her daughter A. We went to Outback. It was DELICIOUSNESS!!!! We were supposed to go to Kohl's after dinner, but we never made it. We did make it to Target though... SOO love Target.

So far it's been a great weekend. Hopefully that won't change. Hope you all have a great weekend and a nice Easter holiday, if you celebrate!

P.S. I think I may have a small COACH obsession.... Let's hope that I don't go broke on COACH purses and accessories!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


OK, so this is totally random... but one of the things that I am looking forward to most when I become a parent is spending family time together on the bed. I love being in bed, under the covers with lots of pillows. We plan on having a king size bed eventually. I have this image in my head of me and A sitting in bed watching tv or reading or whatever and our kids coming in and jumping on the bed or crawling in with us. I know I see it a lot on tv so that is why that image is so fresh in my head, but there isn't anything wrong with that, right? Of course I often think at times that my life is going to be like that from the Pottery Barn catalog. Oh how I would love that!! I love Pottery Barn style, I know it's expensive though, but I use their catalog as a sense of reference with the style that I would love to emulate in my home...I got off track... family time. It's going to be so great. The way I see things in my head are like totally American-esque. Let's hope some of my dreams come true.