Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Little Surprise!

We got a new tv for my bedroom a few weeks ago. I didn't want it. It's too big for my room...42" flat screen. That is a bit ridiculous for my small room. If my room were bigger then yes I could see getting a tv that size. But I digress.... So we get home and hook it up. The picture is not good. I am more unhappy now then I was in the first place. And what ticks me off is that I voiced my concerns at the store, but NOOOOO we didn't listen to me. A and our friend who works at said store thought it was what was best for me and that I don't know what I want. Truth be told A knows me so well, it's scary, but not in this instance. Anyway....I have settled with this TV. Saturday we returned to said store where another friend works also and we were talking to him about TV's again. OY!!!! I think it was then that A truly figured out that I am not happy with the TV. At this point however, I feel guilty for not liking the TV because I don't want to seem unappreciative. I am appreciative, but would be happier if it was something that I wanted/liked.

When I got home last night from work, A had replaced my old tv in my bedroom and moved the new TV into the office - it's not staying there. It's far too big for that space too! I missed my TV... In addition to him moving the new TV into the office he also connected it to the computer and set it up so that I could watch "New Moon" in there. A is not a romantic guy. This falls up there as one of the more romantic things that he has ever done. It might not be saying much, but I truly believe it's the little things.

So last night, I got to watch "New Moon" on my 42" tv, with a great picture I might add in my own little mini-theatre.

I so love sweet surprises! <3


  1. so, random question....do you not share the same bedroom? your own movie theater is pretty cool! i hope there was popcorn...

  2. Actually no...he sleeps on the couch.. Apparently I snore!