Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Camera(s)

So I want a new camera, 2 actually. I want a point a shoot camera to keep with me all the time. I looked at this Nikon at Best Buy the other day and it seemed fun to play with, but it was a little pricey. The LCD screen is nice and large and it offers image stabilization, which is awesome. For some reason no matter what I do, my pics are blurry. I also like this camera, which is also a Nikon. It's got a touchscreen LCD which I thought was pretty cool. Then again I have a touchscreen phone that I am getting annoyed with. I am also starting to fall in love with this DSLR. It seems to be the same as the D40 that I have now, but it has the added image stabilization that I need. I also want to get this lens. I think it would be fun to use. I think it would help my pictures and my creativity. Decisions, decisions.

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