Saturday, February 6, 2010


Saturdays are my new favorite days. It used to be Thursdays. Saturdays are now my guy and I's day off together. It is our day to spend together doing anything and everything. Whether it's just staying in or going out and about around's our day together. It's a priority! He has managed to keep this one of his days off for the entire school year and I have managed to keep from getting scheduled at the bookstore on Saturdays. When we both worked in the theatre business, we were off on Thursdays, he bowled on Thursdays and now Grey's Anatomy is on Thursdays, so it's my secondary favorite day.

Today was an especially good day. We went to lunch with a friend, hit Target, Michael's and Sports Authority. Then we went to dinner at my parent's for their 44th Anniversary. After dinner, me, mom, my sister, my nephew and my guy played Apples to Apples. It was such a great time. We laughed and teased and taunted...I loved it. And the conversation flowed great after dinner too. Usually, in the past my guy was famous for going to watch TV and falling asleep. Not something that made me feel warm and fuzzy. So needless to say tonight...I got the warm, I got the fuzzy. Then we went and visited a friend who works at Starbucks...YUM! Great ending to a great day.

Naturally sacrifices have to be made...laundry...housework...but it's always there, never relenting...spending QT with my guy, I have to take it where I can get it.

I truly wish everyday was Saturday.

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