Tuesday, February 2, 2010

holy cow!

It's February.... I can't believe that it's February! We are already one month into the new year and nothing feels different. I am behaving badly and not living up to my resolutions already.

However, I am starting a diet hopefully on Monday. It's the Medifast diet. I have 2 friends that have tried it and/or are on it as we speak and it has helped them tremendously. I need to lose weight before I get married (not that I am engaged or anything) or have a baby. I want to make sure that I am healthy. So that is one of the resolutions that I am living up to. Sadly, that is about the only one. While it is a crucial one, I am hoping to really focus on getting more pictures taken with my fancy camera that is SOOO close to being paid off and I really do want to take more risks. I had the opportunity to go to San Diego with my brother for 4 days (2 days essentially traveling) and I chickened out. I am afraid of traveling the 7 hours on a plane all alone. Hello?!?!? Where is the risk taker that I want to be? That I need to be?!?! I can't beat myself up too much...this is only the second month. We have 10 more to go for me to take more risks, more pictures... we shall see.

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