Saturday, February 27, 2010

Meatball Sundays

Once a month my brother's family hosts a meatball Sunday. Basically we fry meatballs for breakfast. It sounds weird but it's sooooo delicious.

Just goes to show you that meatballs aren't just for dinner.

We don't eat just meatballs. We have casseroles, pastries and fruit.

My sister in law's family started this tradition. They participated in it before she married my brother. Within the last year or better we have adapted it to include our side of the family as well.

In this crazy world, with time passing us by so quickly it's nice to gather together once a month and reconnect and just enjoy each other's company.
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In Law Type People

My guy and I aren’t married. We plan on it, just hasn’t happened yet. That is a story in and of itself. But that is not the point of this blog.

His parents, or rather, HIS MOTHER, I don’t use the word hate very much and I have to say that I do not hate her…..yet. I feel like it could be a possibility. I have a dislike for her and her thought process. She seems to have been born lacking 2 important features in a human and a mother… she has no filter from her brain to her mouth and she lacks the nurturing quality most mothers have. His dad, S, whom I strongly prefer, is kind of weak. He seems to barely stick up to his wife, C. But S has a sense of humor and he seems to like me and tends to see things the same way that I do. My guy is a lot like his dad. That is a very good thing.

My guy is the middle child. His oldest sister, CRA, is struggling I think to find her way. She seems to job hop and thinks she knows everything and doesn’t get along with her parents very well. Then there is the youngest, SCA. He is the golden child and could do no wrong. ARA, my guy, and CRA weren’t successful in school, but SCA was. So therefore he is the better child. ARA graduated high school a little late, but graduated none the less. CRA not so much. ARA went on to become a Firefighter/Paramedic. CRA not so much. SCA graduated high school in one shot, was good in sports, and is going to be attending a University. SCA has been out of high school for a handful of years, and enrolled at a community college, before attending the University. For a while there it appeared that he would not be able to get into the University of his choice, and he wasn’t doing well in school. At that time, and only at that time, ARA was the favorite. It was a beautiful thing. CRA in the meantime still doesn’t have a high school diploma and is job hopping. She is incredibly smart, too smart for her own good. It’s a shame that she can’t seem to get her footing in life and get on a good solid path. Once it became apparent that SCA was getting enrolled into his University, ARA was no longer the fave.

How can a parent honestly have a favorite child? That’s ridiculous. I am sure that there are different qualities that each child has that the parent’s prefer in each of their children, but to have a favorite is just wrong. I digress….his parents are both interesting specimens. I tend to compare them to my parents and they are different people. When I compare them it’s like apples and oranges at times. I feel like I have lived in a bubble. My parents have shown ARA far more warmth and acceptance and pride his parents have shown him. They are positive and try to motivate and accept him for what he is. Not everyone is meant to go to a University. It’s just nonsense to think that everyone can go to college. If that were the case, who would repair our cars, toilets, or refrigerators? We need vocational schools for people who aren’t college bound so that they too can make something of themselves. At first it seemed like ARA’s mom wasn’t too impressed with his accomplishments. Once he entered Paramedic school that changed. It was nice that they had something to talk about and something in common. And it seemed to win her over. She seemed to accept him.

I have gotten off track.

Another thing that bothers me about his family is that lack of affection. Not once in the entire time that we have been dating have either of his parents given me a hug. I had always imagined that my in laws would be like my parents, warm and inviting. Boy, was I wrong. I can only think of one time that his mother actually touched me. When S (dad) was in the hospital for a septuplet bypass…6 blocked arteries, his mom actually cried, and it was quite surprising to me. For the longest time I didn’t think that she was capable of such an emotion. Anyway right after surgery, she and I were in the ICU with S who was still intubated after surgery and he had to do a breathing test. This was scary to watch. As he was inhaling ARA’s mom grabbed my hand. She is a nurse so I am sure that she understood all too well what he was going through. It was so touching and endearing. It didn’t last very long though.

ARA’s mom is greedy. She likes to spend her money. She likes to travel and seems to constantly be changing things around the house. We live in ARA’s paternal grandparent’s house. The house is paid for. There is no mortgage on this house. Yet we are charged a hefty sum for rent. Rent has been a thorn in my side since we lived here. To summarize, I have an issue with them charging us rent and not taking care of the house. I have an issue with the amount that we are charged. We aren’t strangers. We are basically family. He is their blood. They take our money and then harp on us about saving money. It’s a vicious effing circle. This is why I can’t wait to get the HELL out of this house. I am anxious to see what happens when we get married and have children. Should be a good time. Should bring about some interesting tales. I hope they are better grandparents then they are parents.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We are planning a small trip to Disney. I am so excited. With my guy being in school for all of last year it made it quite impossible for us to go anywhere or do anything that would resemble anything like a vacation. We are planning on going during the week so it may not be as busy. *fingers crossed*. Disney is offering a pretty sweet deal, 4 parks, for 4 days for $99.00 a ticket. Pretty nice, right? So we are going to get a hotel room and spend 2 nights I think. Very excited. I so need a vacation!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Change of Season

It's almost my favorite time of the year. SPRING!!! I love Spring and especially the month of March. I am not sure what it is, but there is something in the air during that month that makes me feel renewed and alive. There is a crispness in the air and just a real sense of life. I just love it! The air is cool, not cold, and not blazing heat either. It's the only time that I enjoy Florida and wish I could be at home more and not at work. I think I have Spring Fever. I am not sure what it is...but I LOVE IT!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I am a hopeless romantic. I always have been. Sadly my man is not. He has his moments, and they are few and far between! His cousin has been with a girl for like 2 months and they had a very romantic Valentine's day weekend. He rented a hotel room and they went to a nice dinner and spent the weekend together. I guess after almost 11 years that seems like a bit much. But to me, that was romantic and maybe appropriate for the length of time that they have been together. He was making it sound like it's a waste of money. It really saddens me. I mean....does he really think that romance is a waste of money. When I say that he is romantic, now a days, that means taking out the trash without me having to ask or he plans the day for us to spend together. While that is not the romance that I want all the time, it's nice, but I wouldn't mind him surprising me with a hotel room for the weekend or taking me away....I am worth that and I deserve it! DAMMIT!!!! He and I did go out to dinner Saturday night in honor of Valentine's day, and it was his idea, I didn't have to say anything, but.....there is a part of me that wanted more. I am very conflicted with Valentine's day. Do I want to celebrate it or do I think it's a "Hallmark" holiday?!?! Well,....both! Being a romantic makes me want to have the romance and the special treatment, but then there is a rational part of me that is like..."Seriously he can tell me he loves me ANY day of the year, why is today so special?!?!" And that is something that I DO believe. There shouldn't need to be a day when you tell someone that you love them, that can't be any random day! But deep down...WAY deep down...I think even the most skeptic of skeptics truly want to be gushed over on Valentine's day! Why wouldn't anyone want to be showered with love and affection and romance?!?! It's the best thing ever! It makes the butterflies flutter in your tummy and in your heart and it makes you feel like you matter... and everyone wants to feel like they matter. Granted...I do go back to the fact that there shouldn't have to be a designated day to tell the person you love that you love them or show them that you love them!

"Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow." - Meredith Grey (Grey's Anatomy)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Saturdays are my new favorite days. It used to be Thursdays. Saturdays are now my guy and I's day off together. It is our day to spend together doing anything and everything. Whether it's just staying in or going out and about around's our day together. It's a priority! He has managed to keep this one of his days off for the entire school year and I have managed to keep from getting scheduled at the bookstore on Saturdays. When we both worked in the theatre business, we were off on Thursdays, he bowled on Thursdays and now Grey's Anatomy is on Thursdays, so it's my secondary favorite day.

Today was an especially good day. We went to lunch with a friend, hit Target, Michael's and Sports Authority. Then we went to dinner at my parent's for their 44th Anniversary. After dinner, me, mom, my sister, my nephew and my guy played Apples to Apples. It was such a great time. We laughed and teased and taunted...I loved it. And the conversation flowed great after dinner too. Usually, in the past my guy was famous for going to watch TV and falling asleep. Not something that made me feel warm and fuzzy. So needless to say tonight...I got the warm, I got the fuzzy. Then we went and visited a friend who works at Starbucks...YUM! Great ending to a great day.

Naturally sacrifices have to be made...laundry...housework...but it's always there, never relenting...spending QT with my guy, I have to take it where I can get it.

I truly wish everyday was Saturday.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I want to go back to school. I have no idea what I want to do...I have considered something in child or developmental psychology. My track record for school is not that great. I attempted to do it right after high school and that was not successful, obviously. I am not sure what I would want to do with the degree. I am hoping that when Aaron gets a good job and we have kids that I won't have to work.

But I digress...I am having trouble with the online vs. in-school debate. I want to do it online for the time issue. BUT I have a feeling that I would benefit the most from the in-school experience. I believe that setting is great for learning...exchanging ideas and having a teacher right there to talk to and ask questions. Not to mention that I like the idea of being on a physical campus with my book bag and notebooks and new pens..... I am a big dork... I love school supplies!!

Decisions... Decisions...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Please no more pictures!

This is absolutely one of my favorite pictures of my poor dog Buster. This was taken not long after I got my DSLR and I was playing around a lot with it. And sadly, my animals suffered the bulk of the picture taking fiasco. I think this picture truly captures it all....NO MORE PICTURES!!!!

Future Wedding Plans

I can't wait to get married. I have been planning for, um, 8 years! Yes, EIGHT years! So you could say that I pretty much know what I want and could get married in 6 months. HA HA!

- Purple/green (sage)/Ivory
- outdoors
- hydrangeas/peonys/tulips
- floral archway
- DJ
- buffet
- I have started the guest list (close to 200 people)
- wedding party is selected
- strapless gown
- chapel veil
- hair up
- purple heels
- think I want my girls to carry ivory bouquets and I will have a colored one (not sure about that yet)

I am pretty confident in the photographer I would like to use. We went to high school together and I have seen some of her work, she is great. Click here to visit her website!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Knot website!!!!

I know where I want my wedding, and that is going to be a bone of contention. I want an outdoor wedding at Selby Gardens. It's a beautiful place and we would be surrounded by nature. My parents want me to get married in the church, and they are adamant about it. I don't particularly care for the decor at our church. They went mad with marble and I can't stand the look of it. So, even if I wanted to get married in the church I am not going to really want to get married in my family's church. My guy's church is pretty from the outside, Church of the Incarnation. So I can't imagine which conversation would be worse, not getting married in the church or not getting married in our church. *wince* I am not an active church goer, part of me feels that it would be a contradiction to get married in the church when I don't practice actively. I know that when I get married it's supposed to be what my guy and I want, but how do we do that without insulting our parents. Additionally, I think my guy's mom wants us to use her house for the reception or the banquet room at the SaraBay Country Club for the reception. It's a nice location, but it's not what I had envisioned. Quite frankly it's ugly. And while they have a beautiful house and a lot of property, it would feel like I am giving into her and letting her have control, and um, yea, it's not her wedding. It's mine.

Since we want to get married out doors, and not with the church, I have selected vows from a book I read that I would prefer to us as opposed to the traditional ones. I like the traditional ones, but I think the ones that I have chosen are better for me and my guy.

I would love to get married under an archway covered in flowers. But I am sure that would be expensive. I want my guys to wear tan suits with ivory neck ties. I despise bow ties, they are so old fashioned. I want my dad to walk me down the aisle. I want Pachelbel's Canon in D Major playing as I walk down the aisle. I want a modest 3 tier cake with smooth fondant and purple ribbon at the bottom of each layer with our last name initial as a cake topper. I want champagne. I want an open bar. I think I want a sweetheart table, but haven't decided yet. I want my tables to be named after movies. Movies that my guy and I have seen together. It's apart of us, movies, we met at a movie theatre.

Things I am looking forward to:
- being pampered (yea I said it!)
- my guy seeing me walk down the aisle
- my father giving me away
- me and my guy's first dance, we have had our song picked out for about 8 years! :)
- father/daughter dance- I think I want Daddy's Little Girl or My Girl not sure yet.
- brothers/sister dance - I have 2 brothers so I may have to split. Then I have days when I think that I am not sure that I want to do this at all.
- and selfishly an entire day of being the center of attention *sheepish grin* (there isn't anything wrong with that right???)

I have this clear vision in my head of how it should be. It hasn't changed that much in the time we have been dating. Some ideas I had I have had time to stew over, and they are no longer an option, so that is a good way to trim the budget as well.

I think when the day arrives I will appreciate it more. I am older and I won't take it for granted. I want to focus more on the things that I will remember. Pictures are hugely important to me, good music, good food, and good friends and family around laughing and having a great time...that is what matters. The place cards, the cake, the invitations may set the tone, but they are not what people are going to remember, at least that is my opinion.

How do you remember your wedding day?

**tried to insert patience for technology this a.m.**

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

holy cow!

It's February.... I can't believe that it's February! We are already one month into the new year and nothing feels different. I am behaving badly and not living up to my resolutions already.

However, I am starting a diet hopefully on Monday. It's the Medifast diet. I have 2 friends that have tried it and/or are on it as we speak and it has helped them tremendously. I need to lose weight before I get married (not that I am engaged or anything) or have a baby. I want to make sure that I am healthy. So that is one of the resolutions that I am living up to. Sadly, that is about the only one. While it is a crucial one, I am hoping to really focus on getting more pictures taken with my fancy camera that is SOOO close to being paid off and I really do want to take more risks. I had the opportunity to go to San Diego with my brother for 4 days (2 days essentially traveling) and I chickened out. I am afraid of traveling the 7 hours on a plane all alone. Hello?!?!? Where is the risk taker that I want to be? That I need to be?!?! I can't beat myself up too much...this is only the second month. We have 10 more to go for me to take more risks, more pictures... we shall see.