Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ride alongs

My guy is finishing up paramedic school. He is essentially done, but today he has to do one more ride along in order to be officially graduated. YAY!!!

This is the part of his future career that I hate to love. My mom has always told me that absences makes the heart grow fonder. If that is the case, then when he is a permanent firemedic I will have a very fonder heart. Hee hee! I miss him when he is gone for 24 straight hours. But is it bad that I also seem to enjoy his absence? I get the living room tv to myself, I can have the thermostat on whatever I want.... I never lived on my own, and when he is gone for the day I get to see what it's like to live by myself, with pets. And honestly, it's a little fun! Plus I need to enjoy this now, before we have kids. Once we have kids there will be no more of JUST me time when he is at work.

But of course...I do miss him and not being able to talk to him at all during the day. Sometimes he texts me when he night he is good about saying goodnight. But, at this moment, as I am typing this, I miss him. And it's good that I miss him. It makes the homecoming so much better. :)

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