Sunday, January 17, 2010


I think we have found a house. It may have landed in our laps. It's a short sale and that is a little tricky and I am not too sure if we can definitely afford it, need to do a budget, but I would like to try and get it. We haven't really been saving for this, so that is why I am nervous. It's 4 bedroom, 2 bath, dishwasher, 2 car garage, garden tub, dining room, kitchen nook, living room...did I mention the garden tub!?!?! *GRIN*

It would be a great starter house. And so does Aaron. Of course I am sure that it has someth
ing to do with the fact that friends would be living right next door! We have already started talking about the shared pool and a tunnel connecting the houses! Hee hee!!

I am starting to get ideas for the house. I have been looking at paint samples, furniture, and all that stuff. I am getting a little too attached and obsessive. And something that definitely makes me nervous is that we haven't looked at other houses. I mean, none at all!!

Here is the house:

I want this house and I am working on the numbers to see what we have to do to be able to afford it. There are so many questions that I have. How much is enough to have left over once all the bills have been paid? what is a good mortgage company? how many lenders do you attempt?
do i get a FHA loan or use a private lender? can we get first time home owner's assistance for a short sale? The house is a short sale, did I mention that? I am so scared, so nervous....and I am sure that is all part of the process. It's buying a house, it's not buying a soda.

My guy is on board so that is a good thing. I was worried that he really wouldn't be. He always made it sound like our first house was going to be our last house as well. And while that is all well and good, a first house would be a great stepping stone for us to get into the next, better house, that would be our last house. He has such a grand plan at times, I wonder if he is being totally realistic.

It's just too good of an opportunity to not take the risk and try to get the house I think.

*Fingers are crossed*

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