Tuesday, December 22, 2009

kate gosselin

who in the hell really cares about what she is doing now? i have a real distaste for fake celebrities. we as a country focus too much on celebrities as it is, and I am guilty of that as well, but i am trying to change that. however, the gosselins are not celebrities...they have no talent...sure they have 8 kids, a set of twins and sextuplets, but they haven't done anything that deserves our undivided attention as a nation have they? Yes it's a rare instance to find parents of twins and sextuplets, but do they really need to have a camera follow them around? what are we doing to their kids...they are going to think they are famous just for being born. I say in rare instances like these people, interview them every year or so to see how they are getting along. who knows if they hadn't gone on tv, they might still be married.

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