Monday, September 21, 2009

His Hands

With his hands
He will lead me home

With his hands
He will give me life

With his hands
He will provide for me

With his hands
He will embrace me

With his hands
He will caress me

With his hands
I will know no fear

With his hands
He will keep me safe

My future lies
Within his hands.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Child's Eyes

The world seen through a child’s eyes
Is how the world should be seen
They do not care what others think
They know no fear
They run

The world seen through a child’s eyes
Is hot it should be seen
They see the good before the bad

They tumble
They fall
….and bounce back again

They have purity

Their laughter is infectious
The cries are heart wrenching
Their minds are curious
Their touch is tender

They are ignorant to the dark side
And specialize in make believe

The world through a child’s eyes
Is the world I’d like to see.
- 9/17/09

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



My heart once felt rapture
It once beat for you
It seems there is a disconnect
From the love we share
It's as if my hears been robbed
I feel detached
Angered by your presence
Resistant to your touch
I am indifferent

Do I hate you?
Do I love you still?

A Life Unknown

I think of the life we've built
The love we've shared
And wonder....
Why you can't let go of your fear
We've got each other
What more do we need
I know your intentions are good
I know your heart is true
I can not seem to comprehend your hesitation
Toward pushing through
We are at a stalemate
With fewer steps to take
To make us whole

One question
One answer
And one we will become
Together we will face
Whatever comes our way
A life unscripted
A life unknown

Bigger Picture

A life I do not yet know
A future held at bay
What will it bring?
What will it hold?
I wish I could glance upon it
To see how it unfolds
I wish I could see beyond the present
And get the bigger picture.