Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In my dreams

A piece of me is missing
A piece I do not know
It's waiting for me out there
Surrounded by a glow
It's waiting in a limbo
Arrival still unknown
Leaving my soul lost and hollow

I see a figure in my dreams
Almost within my reach
Dancing closely to my grasp
But disappears in a flash

I'm anxious to feel complete again
To be entirely whole
Anxious to meet the angel in my dreams
Who has possession of my soul.

But a Child

It seems my life has not begun
In this world of adults
I feel as though I don't belong
For I am but a child
I go through life half awake
Half in a dream
I feel like a spectator to my life
Merely existing
Not really living
Monotony my true companion
Days come, days go
I get bored in my own skin
And I long to break free
I long to runaway

I've reached a plateau
I need to move forward
There is a fear holding me back
Paralyzing me from moving forward
From growing up
Alicia Puzzanchera