Saturday, January 31, 2009

trusted love

I see your face
I see your smile
My heart begins to tingle
Bringing a smile to my face
My stomach starts to flutter
I look at you
I feel warm all over
I feel safe
I feel secure
I know your heart is true
Your intentions pure
I know your love
I trust your heart
- A. Puzzanchera
- 1/31/09

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Return to Neverland

Youth is such a precious thing
It comes and goes with the greatest of ease
In the blink of an eye
It will be over
It will be lost
There’s no way to recapture it
There’s no way to go back
Life moves forward
Life, quickly, goes on

So quick we are to wish youth away
Not indulging in youthful simplicities
Rushing to partake in adult opportunities
Innocence becomes forever lost
We mature
We grow
But at what cost
We should embrace our youth
While within our grasp
Before it slips from our delicate hand
There’s no return to neverland
- Alicia Puzzanchera

Friday, January 23, 2009


Families are a truly amazing thing and a great gift.

However, in taking a step back I find myself asking questions like: who knows you better? Your family or your friends? It is true that your family may always be there to catch you when you fall. They are, for most, a safety net. But at what point though do your friends become more like your family? Why is it that there are things that we are ashamed to tell our families but we divulge to our friends with less hesitation.
Life takes us all on our own individual journeys which leads us to our friends, spouses, significant others, etc. and in the end to the people that we become. You get married, legally bound, have children and raise them to the best of your ability and then your children go out and become who they are meant to be and the cycle continues.

How much time as adults do we spend with our family, our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandmother, etc.? Truth be told not much. Kids' go to school 8 hours a day and most parents have to go to work. People move away and mini-friend families are formed. There are functions, extra curriculars and career choices that take our loved ones away. We go off to pursue our dreams and "find ourselves" and leave our families behind, the people who have known and loved us the longest.

I have a large age gap between my youngest older brother and me, 8 years. While that may not seem like much, to me it seems like a lifetime. I do not recall him or my oldest older brother (11 years difference) ever torturing me or tormenting me in a way that would lead me to dislike them now as an adult. Yet there are people in my life that think so poorly of their family members who treated them a certain way when they were children. We are adults now people, time to act like one. Just because a person behaves one way as a child, doesn't necessarily mean they are that way as an adult. How does the family bond break, yet remain in tact? How can siblings who were raised in the same house come to have such a distate for one another? I do not understand that.

Having said that when I look at some of the families of my friends, I feel like my family lived in a bubble. Granted we had our problems, but we all love each other. But I do feel that my friends are the people that perhaps may know me best. And that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Shouldn't your family know you as well as your friends do, or perhaps better? How do we manage to get so separated, yet remain so close?? Argh...One of the mysteries that is life.